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What is Crunch?

Crunch is an AI-powered product analytics platform crafted to help you create outstanding product experiences by understanding your customers. It is designed to mirror your process of analysis your product to provide a seamless connect between your thoughts and tools. Its built-in machine learning model automagically tracks and understands customer usage patterns, without manual setup or waiting for other teams.

Why Crunch?

Understanding customers is key to any business's success. But gaining insights from endless user data is cumbersome with present analytics solutions. They require multiple teams working through rigid, time-consuming processes.

Crunch simplifies it all. Its powerful AI model is a plug-and-play solution that automatically captures user actions and makes sense of them intelligently. No more exhaustive setup or manual tracking - just instant insights. We crafted Crunch as your intelligent data analyst, designed not only to answer any product questions you have but also proactively uncover fresh opportunities at scale.

Crunch eliminates analytics complexity so you can focus on creating magical product experiences. This is the future of product analytics

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